Playing List 2014


Camol 127 - Tom

TANDOOR - Jake Clover

Sitting Simulator 2014 2 - Jack Lang

The Chains of Poverty - AbstrAKT games [Highly Recommended]

Pelicump - Tom

Weird Egg & Crushing Finger - Mason Lindroth

One Duck - NostraDamon [Highly Recommended]

I am not guilty! - holgk

How do you do it -  Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman, Jonathan Kittaka, Deckman Coss.

Olson's Journey 3 - Wertpol


Nothing to Hide - Nicky Case

Env - Adrianis [Highly Recommended]

Sluggish Morss: Ad Infinitum - Jack King-Spooner

OFFS3T - spyker


Sinkhs Lair - rimturs [Highly Recommended]

Saturn V - Cosmo D [Highly Recommended]

Don't Fall Out of The House - Aaron Angert


The Sun Does Not Exist - Da Neel [Highly Recommended]

Umbragram - Stephen Altamirano

Reversal - Liz Threlfo

LASERS - Swirl Fortress

Heart Breaker Simulator - mrzeapple

The Gear Wheels - Jan Horacek

Bullet Soul Hacker - Ansh

Rain  - MrTedders

Procedural Butt Generator - sergiocornaga

Robotic Ket - Tom

Pachalafaka - daryl [Highly Recommend] 

Landslide McQueen - baertowngames


City - rio8

Electric Tortoise - Dillon Rodgers [Highly Recommended] 

Cybersplunk - snowhydra


Momentum -

Technician - beefstrong

Patrick - Michael Lutz

Die Backpfeife aus dem Nichts - primaerfunktion [Highly Recommended]

Morning Coffee - Animal Phase [Highly Recommended]

The World The Children Made - James Earl Cox III

The Dream Job - springthoughts

Car Park Dream

Among Ripples - Eat Create Sleep


The World Beneath - Spotline [Highly Recommended]

Deliver Me - emilk

Wunderheilung - Konstantin Kopka

The Pyramid Gate - Strangethink [Highly Recommended]


Prisoned - HasuKimchi

What Now? - Indiegrimes


Dream Warrior - Paloma Dawkins [Highly Recommend]

The Moon Silver - David Szymanski [Highly Recommend]

776 - 778 - 780 - Leo Burke

Miopia - casimps1

The Cow Flew Over The Moon - Johnny Wallace


The Dark Third - Mark Wonnacott

Trimak - James Wood

2:22 AM - Albert Lai [Highly Recommend]

Gallergy - Swofl

Heartwood - (Group)

Jazu - (Group)


Low Poly Cylinder  - VLTRAUIOLET

Oracle - ceMelusine [Highly Recommend]

Within - RageKit [Highly Recommend]

Blitzmaze - dustmyte [Highly Recommend]

Curtain - dreamfeel [Highly Recommend]

After - Aaron Oldenburg


We Can See Our Breath - Greg Whistance Smith

Earth 5000 -

Respire - James Earl Cox III

Sun God Star Bridge - Ted Brown

Space Goddess of Everything - Kaiju Sushi

900 - Barnaque [Highly Recommended]


Dust City - Kittyhorrorshow [Highly Recommended]

Valaxeon - Matnesis

Viddeo - Duneworld [Highly Recommended]

Multiverse Tourist - Leo Burke

Boxhead - Nik

Booot - Ian MacLarty

Boys Like Blue Girls Like Pink - XenosNS

Bernband - Tom [Highly Recommended]

Hernand - Jake Clover

Black Hole Interior Explorer  - Ian MacLarty

Walking Simulator NYC 2015 - Oni Davin

Chocolate - Kayabros

Boy Goes To Space - RaniSputnik [Highly Recommended]

Color Picker - Peter Lauris


Frying Bacon - Keanerie [Highly Recommended]

Psyche E - Ryan Melmoth, Juniper Jollipepper [Highly Recommended]

eQUESTria - David Grenowski

Secrets Agent - Jonathan Kittaka [Highly Recommended]

CHYRZA - Kittyhorrorshow [Highly Recommended]

Temporality - James Earl Cox III

Butt Touch Simulator - Markus Lindgren

Shattered Stone - Bad Fuzzy Games

Yarn - Clyde [Highly Recommended]

Inox - Swofl


Endless Express - Florian Veltman [Highly Recommended]

Artpartment - netgrind

blueSKY - kyle kukshtel

Cosmic Song - cobcris

Void Meddler

They Call Me Rump - TrashCastle

Forska - Todd Furmanski [Highly Recommended]


Petrichor - SundaeMonth [Highly Recommended]

Ocean Highway Patrol - Barnaby RW

Miami Waves - Florian Decupper

Offline - Pol Clarrisou [Highly Recommended]

Secret Habitat - Strangethink

Nokosu - Yokashi Games

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