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Nightmare Mode: How Fighting Games Can Look As Good As They Play [Aug 20th, 2012]
Medium Difficulty: Interview: Davey Wreden [Sep 29th, 2012]
Nightmare Mode: How Portal Portrays Science [Dec 25th, 2012]


Pieces and Reviews
Paste Magazine: DmC: Devil May Cry Review [Jan 28th, 2013]
Bit Creature: Tightrope Wasteland [Apr 15, 2013] 
Square-GO: Proteus Review [Apr 15, 2013]
Paste Magazine: Gunpoint Review [Aug 12, 2013]

Team-up Posts
Games of the Year 2013

Designmodo Columns
Six Great Alternatives to Helvetica [Jan 4]
A Quick Guide to Serifs [Feb 1]
A Look at Stencil Typefaces [Feb 17]
It’s time to look Alternatives to Futura Font [Mar 16]
How to Choose a Typeface [Apr 5]
How to Use Color and Space with a Typeface [ May 26]

Roundup Series'
Insert Quarterly: Free Base 1 [May 10, 2013]

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